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it prohibited racial discrimination in education and employment 47 years ago today. >> and i am greg jared. huckabee begins now. ♪ >> derek jeter and burt reynolds pay tribute to tom derek jeter pays tribute to george steinbrenner. brian rhods gives his final gift his mother. we celebrate george steinbrenner, the larger than life man whose mark was made on family and friend and business and baseball. this is truly as great of a team that ever played baseball. 54 indians and cubs and all of
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the great teams and 61 yankees and 27 yank yankk, they were all great. this is great as any of them. >> there is a man who knew design -- steinbrenner all of his career was dererk jeter. >> i was drafted out of high school and signed after my 18th birthday and playing rookie ball down here in tampa. the boss lived in tampa and used to come out to the minor league complex. can you see him walking in on the side of the outfield and you get nervous. they are yankees fans . he has a presence about himself. he said we expect big things from you. i was in awe at first. cbut our relationship grew from there. >> derek jeter played with the
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yankees for his entire career. he learned the level of steinbrenner's expectation. >> i was in my rookie year and on third base and there was one out and a line drive that was caught. we won the game . after the game i was in the clubhouse and he walked over to me. he said don't ever get doubled off at third again. that was not the words, but that was the point. i was surprised because one, we won the game. but shows you how much he expected excellence. >> there is a mental toughness and discipline. i don't want them to go be treated as heroes if they weren't. >> he had high expectations for everyone that worked for him. >> he expected excellence. anyone at the stadium, security guard, and vendors,
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you name it, anyone that was around, he wanted you to perform high. >> and he ruled with dedication to the tale . had no long hair rule. >> i have nothing against long hair. >> once it took him an hour to get out of the parking lot and on to the highway. few days later he was directing traffic so he could keep the cars moving. but the most important thing to him was winning. >> finished in second like kissing your sister. i never liked it >> he did everything to put a winning team on the field. you have a lot of owners don't necessarily put everything back in to the team. he put everything he had back in the team to have the best team on the field.
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he understood how much it meant to the fans. steinbrenner's win at all cost menitality came out. >> spring training. any time we played the mets, boston or tampa we had to win. he would make the trip and obviously he was here . had all of the starters whether it was the first week or last week of spring training and starting pitchers, pitch. you are thinking to yourselff that sprin training game doesn't matter but he wanted win. he has an old football menitality. when they won he was truly proud. >> it is one of the greatest team in basketball. he led the yankees to championship and 16 american
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league east titles. to steinbrenner any year without a championship was a failure and he was infamous for changing up the staff. 1973 to 1990. yankees had 19 managers and five team presidents and 15 pitching coaches and 13 general managers. but one person to be known and hired by steinbrenner was billie martin. there will be no phone calls in the dug out. >> that is not right. >> you are damn right it is. you are fired if you don't like it >> george steinbrenner was not a perfect person. no one was passionate . no one can expect perfection . but steinbrenner did to his last breath. >> the boss has his presence .
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they were intimidated by them in a good way. he called all of the shots and he controlled the careers and expected excellence and guys were intim dated but that brought out the best in people. not everyone. because some people couldn't deal with those kinds of expectations . >> most say him as a baseball dictator and he did have a soft spot not many knew about. >> he was so tough. the thing with him. if you ever played for this organization, he would do anything for you. not only while you were playing but after you retired. he did a lot for the community
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in tampa. two firefighters were killed in the line of duty and leaving behind children. george organizationinized that these and fallen heroes in tampa received early financial assistance and college education. >> those are the things that you heard of. he was constantly doing things like that. he had favorite restaurants and i would see them in the front row and putting kids through college and put them through school. he didn't do it for media attention or press . he did it out of his heart. >> one thing derek realized the boss was not just the boss. he was like a father figure. we had a great relationship and i enjoyed our time together . we would get together in every
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off season and it was not about baseball. we would check in with each other. jeter starts the 16th season and she knows the yankees greatness is to steinbrenner. >> expectations around here andalism around here comes from him. >> in my opinion he's the greatest owner in all of sports. where he got the organization and the levels he brought it to and the match. we are very, very fortunate to have the opportunity to play here and even more fortunate to get to know him. >> he will remember him as a great man and great owner. he was a great humanitarian. >> burt reyerks nolds shares his thought was dom deluis.
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>> to think of dom deluise, just his smile and ability to make all of us last. burt reyerks nold's friendship was based on dom's gift of laughter. >> for me, it was love at first sight. he said love at first fight . i wanted grab his cheek and you know like that. he just you know, yes, of course he made me laugh and he also touched me on different levels. >> what made dom deluise so special. dom could make deaf people laugh. he was a true clown. >> i don't care.
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i don't care. you are going to get slapped. >> i always wanted to be captain america. ♪ it was a lot of times we had to have somebody that was the bad guy. >> the adult in the room. >> to shape him up and get to work when we get out of here and that kind of stuff. stop it. [laughter] no. it is not going to hit you. i am not going to hit you .
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it seemed like so much enthusiam and he did it so natural was that the real dom deluise. he really was like that? you know, i once asked a paper boy what it was like to be a paper boy for dom? he said i can't get my papers delivered and that is the way it was. it was that way with the post man and mail man and the paper boy who ever it was. everyone on the tonight show and dressing room and walking on the stage they had to have someone there to drag. he would do 10 minutes for the make up department. >> did he love films or stand up? if he had one thing that turned him on, what was it that made him tick.
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he loved to go to places where laughter was needed. children's homes . he was able to go there and in five minutes, people knew it was real. he was not there for any self grandizing moments or for money or anything. laughter was healing and he knew it. he knew he had the prescription for those people. >> studies show that laughter releases endorphins in the body and does have a healing property and we might want to call him dr. dom deluise for all of the people he probably did more good for than pharmesutical products. >> he would have loved that
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title. we can meet and for x-rated x-rays >> we got in trouble wasting film . sally fields was serious and a brilliant actress and gotangry with him at one time . he got so frighten teary eyed and i had to go and tell her, you have to not get on him so much. he's just like a child. i mean, it is the sweetness that was child like and his comedy was child like and he never lost that. what is the moment for dom deluise and burt reyerks
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nolds? >> there was a comedy about death and the scene in the end, where i swim out and come back and i am laying on the beach and he comes up . tells me i failed and then gets mad at me and chases me with a knife in the beach. that was an amazing scene. tell me, what was the last conversation you had with dom? >> yes, very well we talked to the phone and he said when are you coming out? to l.a.? i said i don't have any plans. you know, i don't know. it is not my favorite city and i don't know when i will be out. i missed seeing him. and my close friends out
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there. but i will not come out until i get work. >> and there was a long pause. i hope it is soon. >> who told you that he had passed away. when did you get the news and how did that come to you? >> i heard it on the news. i actually went into such mourning that for a week, i couldn't, i couldn't move. i couldn't eat or get around. i think i let a lot of people down. i couldn't go out to there. it was a year before i went and saw -- it was so devastating to me.
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i lost a lot of great friends, but never one as close as dom. dom was more than a brother. he was my child. he was my brother. he was thrilling to be around. i took him to the fights one time and i realized when i got there, that was the first time he had ever been there and we were in the dressing room and watching them come in and his eyes were like this and he didn't say a word . they escorted rightt ring side . this never happened very awn. maybe once in every 200 fights and the guy was knocked out of the ring and landed on the desk right in front of us . dom said, are we winning? only he could get away with
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saying that. he obviously left something deep with you and his death took something very powerful from you. >> well, he gave more than he took. i only have to think of him and i think of joy. of course i am saddened, but i know where he is. he's making people laugh. and so, in some ways, when it is my time, i will think about the good part of going where ever i am going. i don't think i am going downstairs, i think i am going upstairs. dom and johnnie carson in the egg bin. >> i was quite drunk and i don't remember . i would like to try it again.
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>> there are moments on live television that just happened and they are classic. dom deluise surprised johnnie carson with the egg trick. >> here we are with the trick. >> let me just tell you. i have five glass of water. this is a clim ax matched only
8:25 pm
by what you can fill in. don't be afraid . trust me. really. i am a little scared actually . now. this is a book of matches rolled up and i have to put them over the glasses. oh, me. >> what are you squared about. and all of the eggs are going to foul in the glass. >> what is my roll. >> your role is to sit there and trust me. this is harder than i thought. you can start with the eggs. this is the important part.
8:26 pm
it is all right and it is it just takes a few seconds and the tray. let me check. this is off just a moment . this is fine. how do you feel. the they are not hard boiled. they are still raw you know. okay, let me just what if it didn't work. they're all raw. just in case this doesn't work. >> and this will be nice. the you can see them and when i say three. the eggs will go in the glass. hold it.
8:27 pm
what are you talking about. >> i have to do it that way. you watch it. just a moment. are you crazy . ♪ ♪
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[applause] ♪ i like it. new move.
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the long emotional casey anthony murder trial nearing a conclusion. 25 year old casey facing a possible death sentence if convicted of killing caylee. the prosecutor she was suffocated by her mother who love to party. the defense maintained she drowned in the swimming pool. >> and the biggest wildfires in history burning acres. crews managed to contain the flames away from the labratory. more than 10,000 people were forced from their homes.
8:33 pm
the flames consuming 162 square miles and breaking a record from the hela national forest fire. back to huckabee. for the latest headlines go to fox . >> 46-year-old kristen rhodes mother to two teens died in a snowmobile accident on february 27th. two-days later march 1st her 14-year-old son bradley came up with a special tribute for her scoring 46 points in his high school basketball game. let me begin with you. that had to be a tough decision to play right after your mother's death. why sdpu decide to play? >> she always went to my basketball games. she was there for every single one of them. even if it was 45 minutes away
8:34 pm
she would still go to every game pretty much unless she had work. she was always there for me. >> when does you decide you would score 46 points each for every year of her life. >> i told my uncle i was going to score 46 points. i didn't even know i was playing in the game until probably two -- i didn't know i was going to play. i slept forever. i decided at like two. i was like i am going to do this. >> did your team decide you were going to score 46 points. >> they didn't know i was going to score 46. they gave me the ball and i scored. >> how many had you scored by half time? >> you were already at 27 points. at lau half time it was tough
8:35 pm
emotionally for you. your sister brittany had a conversation with you on the bench. >> yeah, i was going to warm-up with the team and then in the locker room it didn't hit me. i was thinking to myself i have to do this. i have to do it. told my coach i was going for 46 i was going to get it no matter what. then i went over to my sister and we de had a normal conversation she is like, you can do this, you can do this. mom is here for you. mom is here for you. just like mostly it was breaking down. after that i was like all right this is going to happen. i stayed strong through the game. it was very hard. >> i can't even begin to image how tough that was. >> when brad came over and sat on the bench you tell put your arm around him what did you say to him? >> i said mom is looking down on you. she can see you. you know she loves you.
8:36 pm
you got this, you can do this the whole time. it was heartbreaking to me to see how hurt evidences and like it was -- we were just realizing she was actually gone and he was doing this for her and i saw right there how much we missed her. he did it. >> if you discovered brad's goal that night to score the 46 points. >> we were watching the game and it unfolded he was getting the ball passed to him by dillon his classmate very much. he was missing a lot. i saw him miss a lay-up on a break away that was unusual for him. missed a foul shot missed about five threes before the half. kind of noticed at the half he walked over to his sister and kind of rolled and talked to her very emotionally came up to me then all of a sudden at the half time he told me what was going
8:37 pm
on. >> at the start of the second half you scored a three. >> yes. first position. that's when i caught on fire. i hit like -- i hit five three's in a row to reach the 46 mark. my coach kept on telling me. he's like every single time i made a basket 44 or whatever it was. 39, 36, i was like all right. i am on a roll. then i hit five three's in a row. >> this started spreading in the gym. people started upped standing what was going on at some point. >> they knew about my mom. i felt in the crowd they were like wow this kid is going to score 46. >> the final shot that got you to the 46. was it a two-point shot or a 3 point? >> it was a 3 point shot. i was at 40 exactly. then i hit a three to make it 43 so i had to hit a 3 to make it 46 and then come down, friend
8:38 pm
passed me the ball hit a three and i go towards half court and my mom was like there. i felt her there. i go to half court. wow. 46 points for my mom and then i said my prayers to her and ran to dad like right away. jumped into his arms almost knocked him down. it was very emotional. >> frank, when brad hit that 46 points and you are sitting there thinking, my son just did this for my wife and his mother what was going through your heart, your mind right ththen? i can't even image. it's okay.
8:39 pm
>> that did he it. he accomplished what he set out to do. >> brittany, your brother paid the most amazing tribute imaginable to your mom when he scored that last goal where were you and what did you do? >> as soon as i started running to my dad i was so proud of him. >> frank, i wanted you to tell me about kristin, what was special about her? >> she loved people. loved her family. was always the person who made you smile when you walked into a room no matter what your day was the one thing about her and i was we argued or whatever else sheldz always make me kiss her good night. always make me give her a hug. >> it is an incredible story. brad, i want you to show me on
8:40 pm
the side of your head you had that done at the barbershop. >> yeah, at the day of the game i went to my friend from the american barber and he drew it on a piece of paper per. this is what you want? i was like, you got it this is what i am going to do. he did it in my hair. he didn't pencil is in or anything. he did it all freehand. amazing. so many people, so many compliments on the hair on the day of the game. it was crazy. >> it is an incredible story. brad and frank and pretty i cannot tell you how much i appreciate you sharing this remarkable story. it sounds like a thing of fiction but it's so powerful. >> next, we pay tribute to tom >> next, we pay tribute to tom bosley and barbara billingsley [ malannouncer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain.
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>> two of the actors who were perceived as the embodiment of ideal pairing were tom bosley and billingsley. she shaped a different generation as idea of what family meant. tom bosley made tv history as the unforgettable dad on the long running show "happy days." >> marion? give me that famous presign
8:45 pm
checkbook of yours. >> dad, wait a minute. i don't want to take any of your money. >> richard, remember before i was telling you about the sacrifices i made for my family? well, for a little while, i forgot why. but it's because i wanted my children to go as far as their gifts could take them. now you take this, and you fill in whatever amount you think you need. >> i love to think about tom boselli. i love to think about even his passing. i was so touched. half of the time i don't know if i was really married to him or not. it was so funny. i got so many phone calls. somebody sent me a plant. i think the public is not sure either whether i really was married to tom boselboselli. >> we have been married 28
8:46 pm
years. there must be a whole world of things to talk about. >> oh, howard, our lives are empty and meaningless. >> what are you talking about? we just blew up furniture. stop being so depressed. we did a good job raising our kids. now we should reap the rewards. >> and this is it? >> you bet. >> there aren't any fathers around like howard cunningham. it's really nice to see people appreciate what evidences and what he stood for. >> daddy. >> yes, my precious. >> i have a question to ask you that i am a little nervous about. >> never be afraid to ask me anything, sweetheart. your father is your best friend. >> you moon i can ask you anything? >> anything at all. >> can i have a car? >> when pigs fly. >> the cast was made up by great
8:47 pm
actors but boselli was the glue that held it all together. >> i didn't know where your mom was going. i knew she didn't have a job. tonight i decided to follow her i hid in the garage i followed her here. she has been meeting all week long with fonzi. >> i goo faux if the writer creates you for the person creates the character within you. it was easy for them to write that they would watch him and they would right to what tom bosley was. ♪ ♪ some day when i am awfully low ♪ ♪ when the world is cold ♪ i will feel a glow just
8:48 pm
thinking of you ♪ ♪ and the way you look tonight >> next, the ultimate tv mother barbara billingsley. >> hey, mom. >> yes, beaver? >> you really are pretty for a mother. >> hmmm? >> yeah. there's a lot of movie stars that don't look half as good as you. >> well, thank you, peter. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with the strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. you had me at "probiotic."
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>> barbara billingsley was june cleaver who wore pearls and high
8:52 pm
heels at home. she could be counted on to help her husband ward to get theodore better known as beaver and brother wally out of predicaments. it viewed life from a kid's point of view. oo oh on the way home i wanted to try it out. when i tried it straight up and buzzed it if you want to hit me go ahead because i am tired of walking around the block. >> honey, your daddy is not going to hit you. >> well of course i am not going to hit you. i understand why you bought the bow and arrow. you thought wally was being mean to you. beaver, two wrongs never made right. >> yeah, i know, dad. i was just trying to get even with him. i bet i can never get him to like me again. >> of course you can, beaver. >> all of the situations in "leave it to beaver" did come from real life. all those things mostly happened
8:53 pm
to some child. you had beaver who was a medieval morality play. he's the character that's the innocent. then you have wally he's a transitional character. he knows that the world isn't like the beautiful world that a child sees and june and ward who say, a lot of times do as i say as parents do, not as i do. >> barbara's role was a cultural standard one that may be too good to be true. >> hi mrs. cleaver. >> hi eddy. >> that is a neat looking apron. >> can eddy stay for lunch? >> wally, i -- >> if you don't have enough mrs. cleaver i can just sit here and watch wally eat. >> i am sure we have enough, eddy. >> many don't understand why she vacuumed in pearls but they said it was a lighting issue. >> people say why was she always so dressed up?
8:54 pm
>> she was one of the first super models. she was in new york she was skinny. when she came out here to do lever it to beaver two muscles in her neck made a shadow when had he lit her. they needed a piece of jewelry that would cover through there that she could wear all of the time. >> pearls are something she could wear all of the time. when you wear pearls to vacuum you have to wear an apron and high heals.heal >> they were the modern family of their time but the first episode almost didn't air. >> in the 50s you could look at a comic book and in the back page television you could send to florida for an alligator and they could send it as a pet. that was one of our shows. what the boys did because they asked june and ward if they could have a petal gator they said no you won't take care of it we will take care of it. they sent away for it and hid it in the toilet tank. that was to be the first show.
8:55 pm
the sensors banned it because bathrooms were not allowed to be shown on television. when you look at what's on television today and think we couldn't even show the top of a toilet tank or a bathroom, you can see how television has evolved. i am not sure it's the best change but it was much more fantasy of how people really lived. today it is reality. >> both stars played many different roles over their careers but we remember them most as the role of parent in the almost perfect world we lived in. today's tv mothers and fathers are different. >> you don't know much about me, do you? >> i know i came to the hospital the day i was born i remember because i left you on the top of the car. i was about to drive away and i heard this sad little voice say stop, you are for getting me. i got outlet your mother in and
8:56 pm
there you were. >> eddy! >> ouch. (laughter) >> i'll teach to you laugh at something that's funny. >> i want to go on the swing set. >> you got two turns. >> you spent most of your time on the phone sitting on the couch perfecting a pissy look on your face. >> come home drunk. >> what the (bleep) did you say to me? what the (bleep). >> stripping? prostitution, whore. >> i don't give a flying (bleep). you know what? one reason to get you out of my house so you can't touch this baby. >> obviously you are not a good mr either because i am the one
8:57 pm
that got pregnant at 16. >> a special tribute a celebration of life. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster
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News/Business. Mike Huckabee comments on the news of the day. New.

TOPIC FREQUENCY Steinbrenner 6, Yankees 5, Dom Deluise 5, Seroquel 4, Tom Bosley 4, Us 3, Barbara Billingsley 3, George Steinbrenner 3, Brittany 2, Dom 2, America 2, Advil 2, Cymbalta 2, Derek Jeter 2, Johnnie Carson 2, Mrs. Cleaver 2, Htc 1, Droid Incredible 1, Migraine 1, Aspirin 1
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